About Us

The Egyptian Society for Animal Management is a scientific non-profit organization registered in 2003 with No. 1891, Giza , Egypt. It is located at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

Aims of The Society

  1. Issuing an international scientific journal to publish research in all branches of veterinary medicine and animal production, and it has a website called

Journal of Applied Veterinary Sciences (JAVS):

Online ISSN: 2090-3308         Print ISSN: 1687-4072

2. Conducting a semi-annual scientific conference individually or in cooperation with other parties.

3. Conducting scientific symposium, cultural lectures, and workshops to which specialists from inside and outside the country are invited.

4. The work of free medical convoys in cooperation with the directorates of veterinary medicine and other associations.

5. Cultural, social and recreational activities for the members of the association.

6. Organizing training courses in the field of animal, poultry and aquatic welfare

President: Prof Dr Rabie Hassan Fayed